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Top photo similar callout as before you want to leave friends out of your profile. Because it can take the attention off of you and put them on your friends. Your profile is about you not your friends. You are the star and the brand of your profile not your friends. Also, you always want to have crips pictures consistently in your profile. This shouldn't be your opening profile picture. Use the one where you are sailing or on the beach about to get into the water. You have to remember you only have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of your potential matches.
Great photo of you here about to enjoy another water hobby of yours. You want to be careful here because you have 3 profile pictures of you doing something on the water. I understand this might be your love and passion. But you want to have variety in your profile. What else is unique and interesting about you outside of the water hobbies? You need to show more variety and other things cool and unique about yourself. You content above this photo. You want to be careful here. If your love language is words of affirmation but then you say you refuse to believe what they say when they give that to you. That can come off as having trust issues and could be draining and tiring for someone who you are dating/hanging out with. And that could be a red flag for many matches. You have to remember women are reading and looking for anything that's a red flag in your profile.
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ProfileAce Team

Great job here showing a very clear of photo of yourself. You want to be careful showing other women in your profile. I assume this is a friend. But this can turn your potential matches off. You have the option on Hinge to add more detail on the picture. Where you can give your potential […]